UFO Enigma kehakaitse


The ENIGMA Bodyguard is a product made in Italy, and are totally made from aerated material. The Enigma bodyguard are equipped with the new hybrid SAS TEC/KOROYD protections.

• Made in Italy
   - Front protection: Approved CE-EN14021
   - Back Support: Approved CE-EN1621-2
   - Shoulders & Elbow Guards: Approved CE-EN1621-1
• Made with polyester net and Airnet material
• Internal protection in SAS TEC/KOROYD removable for washing
• Maximum lightness
• Maximum transpiration
• Increased elasticity to absorb shock

With their new SK-protection-series UFO combines the positive features of SAS-TEC foam and Koroyd Cores to something completely new: lightweight, breathable and highest damping capacity.

SAS-TEC - safety made of foam
In contrast to conventional PU foams the viscoelastic PU foam of SAS-TEC is partly made of renewable materials. Its special features include spontaneous response, highest comfort and unique damping performance with excellent nearly linear energy absorption. A very special micro structure of the SASTEC foam is responsible for an adaptive damping behavior – the higher the speed of the impact, the higher the resistance of the foam. All these features guarantee the best possible protection for your body.

Koroyd Cores - Performance and Breathability 
The combination of Koroyd’s precise extrusion and unique thermal welding process leads to a structure with both extremely efficient and consistent energy absorption properties. Upon high velocity impacts the cores crush in a completely controlled manner, decelerating the energy from the impact and greatly reducing the final trauma levels. Koroyd’s completely open cell construction channels airflow around the rider, without limitation.
Koroyd patented technology is integrated into the best sports and protection products that give you the edge.



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