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Macna Reactor leather


Easy Cuff - No loose hanging layers or painful snaps on the inside of the cuff with Macna´s Easy Cuff. Your hands or watch will not get stuck and the smooth entry makes it is easy to slip your glove inside. With the connection zippers placed clearly visible on the outside, detaching or mounting the waterproof membrane is easy and fast.
Side-eye - Laminated reflective parts at the front and back upper parts of the jacket, with the emphasis on the side. Especially from the flanks the Macna Side-eye reflective parts will increase your visibility during night or bad weather conditions. These thermally bonded parts look smooth and will not influence the jacket´s functionality or comfort.
Vision Vest Prepared - In a Macna jacket you can find a fully integrated preparation for an optional safety vest: the Macna Vision vest with its bright neon yellow colour and large reflective parts it will boost your visibility day and night! The vest can be fixed onto the jacket through two integrated buckles and build in zipper and can remain onto the jacket at all times. The Vision vest does not interfere with the jackets funktionalality. 
CC1 covered collar - No more wrongly folded waterproof inner collars, causing leaking at the neck. The patented CC1 (Covered Collar) is a specific Macna solution reducing the amount of loose collars for jackets with detachable membranes to zero. it looks like one single comfortable collar and feels like it. Yet from inside the summercollar will unveil itself when taking the membrane jacket out.
Connectionzipper long.

Extra info

Size 48-60
Year-round use -
Waterproof -
Material Leather, detachable WP membrane
Color black
Other information saadaval ka suured suurused 62-64

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